The Sparks Already Ignited

There are countless sparks yet to be ignited in my life. However, the moments and people yet to be experienced do not lessen the value of sparkle already created. A quarter of my life has been written. I have experienced a lot of joy and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, a lot of pain. But the human experience is about feeling both. How would we know joy without pain, and vice versa?

I know that resilience can provide us with the brightest sparkle. Even at my life’s darkest moments, I have found myself resilient; making my path even brighter than it was before. The difficult moments I have faced make the easy ones filled with laughter even sweeter. This page is about the sparks that have already shaped me. Most of the sparks I will depict are bright and sweet, and some will be those darks moments when cultivating sparkle is easier said than done.


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