How I Met Your Father

Me running the steps at Red Rocks

Me running the steps at Red Rocks

I am building my new life in Denver–meeting new people, developing great friendships, challenging myself professionally, pushing myself physically (thank you Red Rocks) and becoming a slight beer snob. Once you’ve tasted whiskey barrel-aged beer, you will never go back!  I love my life here, but leaving my roots and growing my wings is not easy. The hardest part of moving to a new city, more than 1000 miles away from “home,” is building a new social life, but it is also one of the most exciting things about a new city!

I see groups of friends every sunny summer day in Cheesman Park. They bring their picnic blankets, frisbees, coolers and dogs and hang out seemingly all day. I am in awe of the thousands of people in the park – all in their own little circles having a great time. It is neat to see friendships exhibited in such a public, eventful way.You can see the memories being made.

Me and my friend Adam and his dog, Denali, hiking in Chessman Canyon.

Me, my friend Adam and his dog, Denali, taking a break on a hike in Chessman Canyon

I have never been one of those people with tons of friends. Instead, I have quality people in my life who make me strive to be better in one way or another. They call me on my bluff (in a loving way) when I need it, challenge me intellectually, spiritually or personally, and know when to pass me a bottle of wine rather than a glass. Oh, and they are fun!!  My friends are scattered from different chapters of my life – from my equestrian days to high school days to early college years to the beginning of my professional life to the present.

The past six months in Denver have introduced to me amazing people who have created new sparks in my life and helped me to remain shining, even when some days were pretty dark. We have hiked, laughed, drank some brews, walked the city, had close to all-nighters working on deadlines, and shared wonderful meals together. These people play an important role in my life are helping to create my version of “how I met your father.” So far the story line is shaping up beautifully.

Tahne, me and Reno

Me, my friend Tahne and Reno on the Chessman Canyon hike