Springtime 2012

Spring ¬†has really felt awesome this year. I love the colors, the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the new life growing around me. I don’t remember noticing the beauty last spring. Last year I was consumed with the unknowns in my life, at a standstill, staring down at the fork in my road. I was too busy focusing on the possible paths ahead of me to notice the beauty around me. What a difference a year can make! Not that there aren’t unknowns in my life today, because there are, but my head is not down this year, it is up, and I literally¬†feel myself moving forward. The gritty, end-of-the-rope times in my life, like last year’s standstill, only make the paths walked after them shine brighter!

Here are a few photos captured from Springtime 2012.

Wild berry snack!

Enjoying the breeze and springtime flowers on my porch.

Honeymoon Island in Tampa with Reno-man!