How I Met Your Father

Me running the steps at Red Rocks

Me running the steps at Red Rocks

I am building my new life in Denver–meeting new people, developing great friendships, challenging myself professionally, pushing myself physically (thank you Red Rocks) and becoming a slight beer snob. Once you’ve tasted whiskey barrel-aged beer, you will never go back!  I love my life here, but leaving my roots and growing my wings is not easy. The hardest part of moving to a new city, more than 1000 miles away from “home,” is building a new social life, but it is also one of the most exciting things about a new city!

I see groups of friends every sunny summer day in Cheesman Park. They bring their picnic blankets, frisbees, coolers and dogs and hang out seemingly all day. I am in awe of the thousands of people in the park – all in their own little circles having a great time. It is neat to see friendships exhibited in such a public, eventful way.You can see the memories being made.

Me and my friend Adam and his dog, Denali, hiking in Chessman Canyon.

Me, my friend Adam and his dog, Denali, taking a break on a hike in Chessman Canyon

I have never been one of those people with tons of friends. Instead, I have quality people in my life who make me strive to be better in one way or another. They call me on my bluff (in a loving way) when I need it, challenge me intellectually, spiritually or personally, and know when to pass me a bottle of wine rather than a glass. Oh, and they are fun!!  My friends are scattered from different chapters of my life – from my equestrian days to high school days to early college years to the beginning of my professional life to the present.

The past six months in Denver have introduced to me amazing people who have created new sparks in my life and helped me to remain shining, even when some days were pretty dark. We have hiked, laughed, drank some brews, walked the city, had close to all-nighters working on deadlines, and shared wonderful meals together. These people play an important role in my life are helping to create my version of “how I met your father.” So far the story line is shaping up beautifully.

Tahne, me and Reno

Me, my friend Tahne and Reno on the Chessman Canyon hike


Living My Dream

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.
Denis Waitley

My move to Denver is more than a geographic change — it is a personal and professional one.  I have wonderful, inspiring and supportive friends, colleagues and family in Florida — and they shinned so bright as I was departing from Tallahassee.

My mom and me in Dillon, CO. She helped me moved and was so supportive.

My mom and me in Dillon, CO. She helped me move and was so supportive.

A part of me is homesick, feeling a little exposed and raw in this new, vibrant city. My people, my comfort, are not here….but I knew this going into it, and am taking these growing pains in stride. I am putting one foot in front of the other and establishing my life here. Moving to a big city, building my brand and living on my own as a young professional with a bright future — that is living my dream.

Living my dream doesn’t mean I have arrived at heart of it yet, but rather is the daily acts of taking the steps to get there. I am not yet Helen Hunt’s character from What Women Want (only my love interest will not be with someone like Mel Gibson) — but moving, literally, outside of my comfort zone and walking toward my dream IS living it.

Earlier in 2012, I blogged about creating something and building a life that doesn’t involve two weeks of vacation to escape from “reality.” I am making a life built on experiences and personal and professional growth. This year I am walking the walk and embracing the unknown and unexpected — as we all know those are always the brightest, most powerful sparks.

Journey with my Soul Sista

There are people in our lives that we connect with on a soulful level. Sometimes the person is only in our lives for a short time and sometimes they are with us for the long haul. These people spark us into turning new leaves and allow us to connect with life on a deeper level.  My cousin and I have had many soulful moments during our trip to Bali. I think the atmosphere of being so far away from our day-to-day lives in the States and the current stages our lives are in have allowed us to reconnect.  We are soul sistas!

A couple of days ago we set out to find a few resort type hotels we researched in the countryside of the Ubud area. We are staying in a great location, but wanted to spoil ourselves with a kick ass view for a night or two. We set out on our motor bikes, which is freeing in of itself. We cruised past seas of green, consisting of rice fields, Alang Alang (the grass thatched roofs are made out of) and palm trees. We traveled down back roads in search of the resorts on our list, but Google maps aren’t very accurate here. When we couldn’t find one of the resorts on our list, we stopped at Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa. When we arrived we were taken back by the beauty of this place.

Entrance to Spa at Kupu Kupu

We immediately saw the spa was by L’occitane and knew we were out of our league with price as we walked into the lobby to confirm our suspicion. We were correct. Kupu Kupu was about $350.00 USD above our budget. However, the view from the lobby was the most breath taking view I have ever seen. A table for two was surrounded by water encompassed in dark tile, placed on the edge of a ridge overlooking the Ayung River Valley. The staff let us stay for 15 minutes as we took in the beauty of the location.

Picture does not do this view at Kupu Kupu justice

We set off to find Bali Rich Villas, but found them with no luck. As we were driving back toward the center of Ubud, the sky opened up. We pulled over and put our ponchos on. We wanted to get off of the road, so we followed signs to Rijasa Agung. When we entered the lobby we were giddy with excitement as we saw the view.

Pool View at Rijsa

It was breath taking even though it was raining. The price of the room was in our budget too! We decided to stay for a late lunch at their restaurant, Sayong Ayung. Our pasta was delicious. We talked for over an hour about the events in our lives and what may be to come. As the rain died down we headed back to our hotel, Panorama. We hope to stay at Rijasa one night before I leave, but it depends on business activities for Rollick that need completion. Even if we do not end up staying there during this trip, the memories of the journey with my soul sister that day will last a lifetime.