Springtime 2012

Spring  has really felt awesome this year. I love the colors, the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the new life growing around me. I don’t remember noticing the beauty last spring. Last year I was consumed with the unknowns in my life, at a standstill, staring down at the fork in my road. I was too busy focusing on the possible paths ahead of me to notice the beauty around me. What a difference a year can make! Not that there aren’t unknowns in my life today, because there are, but my head is not down this year, it is up, and I literally feel myself moving forward. The gritty, end-of-the-rope times in my life, like last year’s standstill, only make the paths walked after them shine brighter!

Here are a few photos captured from Springtime 2012.

Wild berry snack!

Enjoying the breeze and springtime flowers on my porch.

Honeymoon Island in Tampa with Reno-man!



I have been struggling to get past the day-to-day duties of life over the past few weeks. I was consumed with what the next step in my life should be. Afraid of pausing, I searched for things to add to my to-do list. My fear stems from the perception that if I stop moving the train will leave the station before I get there. While there is part of me that needs to keep moving, keep improving in order to achieve the next step in life, there is also a part of me that keeps moving so I can avoid thinking about the change awaiting me. It is always easy to stay busy, it is not always easy to truly embrace  the world around us.

While the next step is still unclear, this weekend I finally embraced.

I ran a crazy, fun, muddy, empowering 5k called the Warrior Dash with one of my best friends. While running, crawling through mud, and climbing over walls with her it hit me — I am so thankful  that the sparks iginited in my past led me to such a great friend.

Warrior Dash Beauties!

That evening we went to Bradfordville Blues Club (BBC). Man if I have a spot in Tallahassee that is not on the nature trails, this is the place. BBC is a quaint venue located on a dirt road, playing live jazz/blues inside and has a bonfire going outside. This country girl with a heart filled with NOLA love was feelin’ it!

Joey Gilmore at BBC.


Sunday morning I went for a bike ride with my neighbor, who has become a staple my book of life, and one of her friends who I met for the first time. The three of us rode out by the Miccosukkee Greenway for almost two hours.  I have not been on a ride in more than three months and this one was well worth the wait. We conquered up hills, flew down hills and weaved through the trees.  I am new at bike riding, but this was my favorite ride yet. Great company, great weather and great vibes. I felt more refreshed after that ride than I had in quite sometime.

Today is Monday and it provided me many challenges –both at work and with family. Most of which was life’s camouflage. However, because of weekends like the last, camouflaged days will remain just that — hidden behind the moments that really matter, the ones that make us sparkle.