Motorbikes, Sunburn and Tegallalang

My dermatologist would be very upset with me if he saw the motorbike (moped) sunburn I am working with right now. I failed to put my SPF 50 sunblock on before our trip to Tegallalang because I was still in “rainy day” mode. On Sunday and Monday, it rained nonstop. My sunburn consists of my shoulders, arms, chest, thighs and tops of my feet, super attractive against my otherwise pale skin. BUT I rode a motorbike on the streets in Bali!!! My international driver’s license came in handy when my cousin and I were stopped by the Polisa to make sure we had them. I would say we were being profiled. Three light skinned women over 5’ 10” with light brown and bleach blonde hair are obviously not locals. No luck for them though, we had our papers!

The rain left us with not much to do during the day. I practiced riding a motorbike in the rain and had a minor panic attack. I gave up that effort and decided to wait until it was not raining to rent one. WhiIe my aunt and cousin went shopping for business, Charis, a friend of the family who is here visiting her dad, and I received an hour long foot reflexology massage. The massage felt awesome, but putting our sopping wet socks and shoes after the massage, was far from relaxing. Our ponchos were not doing us much good as the cats and dogs were raining from the sky and a passing van sprayed us with water on our way back to the hotel.

Rainy Day in Ubud

That night at dinner, my cousin, my aunt, Charis and I went to Sagittarius, a reasonably priced restaurant in Ubud, close to Monkey Forest. The food was amazing and we were greeted by a little friend on the roof. He or she is one of the many street cats in Bali. This one ran by our table upstairs and jumped onto the roof next to us, where I captured its sweet face.

Street Cat

The answer to our figurative sunny day prayers were answered. I decided to try the motor bike again. The result = no panic attack, a trip to Tegallalang, amazing rice field views, awesome purchases and as mentioned earlier, sunburn. The three of us shopped and shopped some more. Most of the shopping was for business, but I managed to purchase some jewelry, a killer blue wooden bowl, two frames made out of recycled magazine paper and recycled metal wall art.

In the heart of Tegallalang, we pulled over to take some pictures of the rice fields. I have seen pictures of these fields in my aunt’s photo albums for years, but there is nothing like seeing them in person. They are an art form, the ultimate visual of layers.

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