Bali Here I Come!

Today I received an international driving permit – no test required. This, I assume is one of the many luxuries I have as an American. I can drive in Indonesia without knowing the rules of the road, by simply getting a picture taken and paying $25.00 at my local AAA office. I am pretty sure that a Balinese person traveling to America isn’t legally allowed behind the wheel that easily. Watch out Bali, there is a newbie on a moped coming your way!

This is my first time out of the country in my 25 years of life, but I already feel as if my perspective on life has changed. Since a young girl, I have heard stories of my aunt and grandmother traveling to Indonesia. I have heard about the moment they reached monkey forest in Bali, calling it “home” and the lifelong friends that were made on their travels. I have also heard about the bruising foot massages, Bintang beer and mushroom shakes. I am unsure of what the trip has in store for me, but one thing is for sure, I will be adding a spark to my life that can’t be found in America.


4 responses

  1. Ayla, Congrats!
    I can feel the amazing experiences you are about to have– and how they will bring you to your next level of life, love and awareness.
    How wonderful that in your first trip abroad, you will visit such a marvelous place full of light and love.
    Funny how your life carried you there, my friend. Breathe in every single moment.

    • Melissa,

      I am so glad we have become friends in the past couple months. It is such a blessing to have an enlightened person such as yourself so close. I look forward to a bike ride when I get back!

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